Welcome to Quickstrike FC

Willing to Succeed! I am pleased and excited to welcome you to Quickstrike F.C., NY. Our focus for the team will be on “Success”, “Achieving Goals” and “Working Together”. Each week we’ll be engaged in developing our character as well as our soccer ability, as we set out on a wonderful journey that will hopefully continue for a lifetime. However, it is important to know and remember that success doesn’t just happen. Instead you have to set goals for yourself and then work to achieve them. This takes WILLINGNESS to succeed at anything and having good character is essential.

We often find out about a person’s character when he/she is faced with adversity and challenging situations. Perseverance and commitment are attributes of character that are uncovered throughout our season. This year you will face situations that will be very demanding. But through the willingness to facing these situations, being committed to overcoming them and working patiently, you will achieve new goals. And in doing so, build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Another aspect of character is being responsible. Being prepared and remembering essential items such as, clean cleats, soccer shirt, shorts, socks, shin-guards (worn underneath the socks), water and a ball are ways of demonstrating responsibility. In times of poor weather, including a sweatshirt, pants, and a rain jacket are essential. Being on time for practice, games and ready to begin at the assigned time shows that you are an independent and selfdirected soccer student. Taking control of your own learning helps you develop confidence and selfesteem, which will give you a feeling that no task is impossible.

Showing that you want to improve as a person and as a soccer player is a sure sign of self-respect, and it also shows respect for your teammates. You can show other team members respect by setting a positive example in your work ethic, even if things don’t work out as well as you had hoped. You can also show respect for others by making a positive comment about them and working with them on group / team tasks. The success of our team will depend largely on the effort you put forward, but just as much on how you work with other team members.

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More! On our team, we’re all members of a family. Our family atmosphere helps to ensure that everyone is safe and our ideas are valued. This means that we’re able to take risks and apply our learning experiences even though we may not succeed the first time or even the tenth time. By working together, we will create a place where learning will allow us to achieve our goals.

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